Called Derek or Rodney? Apply for a job at £1.1m Trotter's Traders store!

Douglas Wadham established the business and is a huge fan of Only Fools and Horses

Job seekers called Derek or Rodney told to apply for work at new £1.1m Trotter's Traders store

People called Derek or Rodney who are hunting for a job may be in luck.

They've been encouraged to apply for work at a new £1.1m Trotter's Traders store because they share the same names as the main characters from Only Fools and Horses .

The discount shop is expanding its portfolio of stores which pay tribute to the iconic TV comedy series, which aired for more than 20 years.

Everyone is welcome to apply for a job at the store, but those called Derek or Rodney have been encouraged to submit a CV, the Grimsby Telegraph reports.

Credits: Northcliffe Media Ltd

Northcliffe Media Ltd

The BBC series set in Peckham, south London, focused on the lives of market trader Derek "Del Boy" Trotter and his brother, Rodney.

Former Grimsby market trader Douglas Wadham, a huge fan of Only Fools and Horses, established Trotter's Traders in 2008.

Trotter's Traders currently employs 25 people at stores in Humberston, Louth, Mablethorpe and Skegness.

Credits: BBC


Now around 20 new jobs are to be created with the opening of a new branch in Scunthorpe.

Mr Wadham says he is the number one fan of Only Fools and Horses, naming his business in tribute to his heroes.

Trotter's Traders area manager Dave Potts said: "We are aiming for opening in the first week of December and want to turn it into a real Peckham-style knees-up.

"We are also looking for a Del Boy lookalike if there is one in Scunthorpe."

Mr Potts said the new store would stock more than 12,000 different lines including tools and pet supplies and would trade seven days a week, including two late night openings until 8pm.

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