You can ignore food expiry dates on these foods

stacked cans of food

Did you know that when it comes to "best before" or "sell by" dates, you can be a little more flexible?

Some of these foods can still be eaten, says Kirsty Warren of Love Food Hate Waste, who explains that while these dates are there "to ensure that it's eaten when it's at its tastiest", that doesn't mean all foods need to be thrown away after their expiration date.

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Take chocolate, for example.

And chips. They are so high in salt that it helps them preserve well.

When it comes to eggs, the best way to know if they are fresh is by putting them in a container with cold water. If they sink they are good to eat, if they float to the surface, they're no longer fresh.

Canned food lasts longer than their expiry date, too. Just make sure keep them in cool and dark areas., and dry pasta will be fine if you're storing it airtight.

When it comes to fruit and vegetables, trust your instinct. If it looks and smells good it should be fine.

And the best news is that it takes years for alcohol to go off - but most of us don't have it lying around long enough for that to matter...
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