Russian 'Speed Queen' jailed for multiple offences


A Russian oligarch's daughter who amassed more than 400 speeding and parking tickets has been jailed.

After appearing in court recently, 'Speed Queen' Mara Bagdasaryan was sentenced to ten days in prison for four cases in which she failed to pay fines to the Russian traffic police.
She had been arrested on November 6 by traffic police officers on Leninsky Avenue, Moscow, for parking on the pavement.

Alongside the incarceration, she was also ordered to undertake 75 hours of community service.

However, there could be as many 50 more unpaid speeding and parking tickets for which she faces future punishment, Russian media suggests.

The self-proclaimed 'Hooligan' has another court hearing scheduled for later this month where the offences, committed in her £90,000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, will be assessed.

The 23-year-old daughter of a millionaire meat factory mogul regularly posts photos and videos of herself on social media, in which she ignores the speed limit on major streets in Moscow, and parks in restricted zones.

One such clip showed the 'road devil' reaching 162kph (100mph) on a road with a limit of less than half that.

The police reportedly wanted to punish and humiliate the socialite for her dangerous driving, following complaints that she was part of a 'spoilt brat rich kid culture' that is above the law.

Photos show the young woman looking displeased in court during her sentencing.
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