The G-Wiz has been voted the UK's worst car ever

Do you remember the compact electric commuter that was the G-Wiz? If you do, then chances are it's not with fondness, as the model has now been voted the worst car to ever grace UK roads.

Produced from 2001 to 2012 by Indian manufacturer Reva Electric Car Company, the G-Wiz was designed to be easier to park and cheaper to run than a conventional car.
However, a poll of 4,000 motorists by Auto Express has proved that it wasn't exactly the commuter favourite it was purported to be.

Twelve per cent – or 493 – of those queried voted the car the worst to ever have been on sale in the UK, ahead of 17 other similarly atrocious motors, including the SsangYong Rodius, Reliant Robin and Vauxhall Frontera.

Why, you may ask? Well, apart from its staggeringly ugly appearance, poor build quality and underpowered engine, it was also extremely unsafe.

Models made before 2008 had no crash protection structure whatsoever, and even those made since then, which benefited from a Lotus-developed frame, were only really 'safe' at speeds of up to 30mph.
The G-Wiz has been voted the UK's worst car ever
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The G-Wiz has been voted the UK's worst car ever

Not that the car could really go much faster than this. The 13kW electric motor reportedly boasted a top speed of 50mph. However, with two adults and two children on board (yes, this was really a four-seater), it seriously struggled.

The only good news was that because it qualified as a quadricycle in the UK, motorists could drive it with just a CBT certificate (not that they'd want to).

Surprisingly, the G-Wiz was the best-selling electric car in the world up to 2009. However, this wasn't exactly a feat considering its total worldwide sales of 4,600 in 12 years, with the UK being its main market.

Of the car, Auto Express said: "It's slow, not very safe and ugly as sin. Plus, owners still get stuck in the capital's jams, and they're in a tiny, uncomfortable box."
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