Jay Leno brings Ferrari's Fab Five to the racetrack

American TV personality Jay Leno has brought together Ferrari's fabled 'fab five'.

In the latest episode of his Garage series, Leno took businessman David Lee and his collection of five of the most iconic and exclusive Prancing Horse models to a racetrack.
The five-minute video features a £2.33million 1985 288 GTO; a £1.33m 1990 F40; a £1.85m 1995 F50; a £2.98m 2003 Enzo and a £1.12m Ferrari LaFerrari.

The cars are all decked out in the brand's iconic red, and unlike many of their counterparts are regularly driven both on and off track.

As Leno climbs behind the wheel of the LaFerrari, Lee and his brothers jump into the others and the iconic quintet take to the track.

In Leno's own words, he is more than happy to follow the other four in the 288 GTO and 'have a great view'.

Watch on to find out how they fare...

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