Is the Motochimp the commuter scooter we've all been waiting for?

A miniature electric motorbike has been unveiled, promising to turn conventional city commuting on its head. The Motochimp was launched at the Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair, and is the brainchild of Singaporean electrics experts Vanda Electrics.

The compact ride-on is designed to be an eco-friendly, fashionable antidote to traditional urban transport, and its lithium-ion battery can be fast-charged in under an hour from any plug socket.

This battery powers the 48V 350W electric rear hub motor, which gives the bike a range of up to 60km but also allows it to comfortably reach cruising speeds of 30kmh.

At just over a metre long, the Motochimp's body is formed from extruded aluminium alloy and comes finished in red, blue or yellow. Customisation is of course welcomed.

The wheelbase of the bike is even shorter, at 750mm, and is designed to allow the rider to easily steer around crowds on busy walkways.

In keeping with modern vehicle design, a contactless digital ignition lock has replaced the traditional key.

The Motochimp will go on sale in Japan first, followed by other parts of Asia and Europe. It will retail from £1,600. Vanda Electrics CEO Larissa Tan said: "Motochimp really celebrates the indie spirit of spontaneous urban mobility.
Is the Motochimp the commuter scooter we've all been waiting for?
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Is the Motochimp the commuter scooter we've all been waiting for?

It's sustainable yet sassy, cost-effective yet cool, eco-friendly yet bursting with personality. "In designing Motochimp, our original concept was inspired by a sketch from a 10-year-old girl.

When you're on the Motochimp, you put enchantment back into everyday life, you see fun and wonder through the eyes of a child. We've really let our imaginations run free and we're very proud of the results. "Motochimp is also all about accessibility.

With a range of up to 60km from a 60min charge – and all from a standard plug socket – it won't cost the earth to buy or run. At Vanda Electrics, we want to revolutionise electric transport on a global scale – and Motochimp is key to that. It's the new face of city transport – bold, edgy, fun.
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