One Republic sweet on X Factor's rapper Honey G

American pop rock group One Republic have revealed they are fans of controversial X Factor contestant Honey G.

The group recalled seeing the rapper sing Notorious B.I.G's Mo Money Mo Problems on the ITV show last month after their own live performance.

Speaking on the red carpet at the MTV European Music Awards in Rotterdam, the band said: "We saw Honey G. The whole time I was watching it with a bunch of British friends just kind of going, 'explain this to me'.

"I get it kind of but I don't get it. They were like 'everyone loves her'.

"She's just so, Honey G is so Honey G, you can't explain it."

Honey G
Honey G (Syco/Thames)

"We still love her", they added.

The group compared the rapper to previous X Factor contestants Jedward, adding "That was entertaining, so I get it. I met those guys and they are still doing it."

Honey G, who survived another week in the singing competition this weekend after girl group Four Of Diamonds were sent home, was criticised by Lily Allen this week as "so wrong on so many levels".

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