Kate Beckinsale shows off her leg lifts in Instagram snap

Kate Beckinsale clearly knows how to multi-task.

The British actress shared a cheeky snap on Instagram showing her reading while exercising and waiting for the dishwasher to finish.

Kate Beckinsale (John Salangsang/AP)
Kate Beckinsale (John Salangsang/AP)

Kate, 43, is seen in some skimpy workout gear with her leg high in the air,as she rests her chin on her hands and reads.

Her pet pooch Ingrid looks on, apparently mystified.

Kate wrote: "Ingrid gets anxiety if she doesn't have eyes on my crotch at all times.

"If anyone else has concerns it is reading "Nutshell" by Ian McKewan (sic) while we wait for the dishwasher to finish rinse cycle."

The actress is becoming known for having fun on social media.

Last month she shared a less than flattering picture of her and her ex Michael Sheen's daughter Lily that had the 17-year-old joking that her parents would prevent her getting into college.

Earlier this year, Kate and Michael recreated Lily's birth photo for a hilarious Instagram post.

It showed the trio in the same positions they were in back in 1999 when Lily arrived, with the couple and their newborn in hospital.

Kate also recently shared side-by-side throwback images of herself and comedian Sarah Silverman, who is now with Michael, with both sporting some rather big hair.

She wrote: "Oh @sarahkatesilvermanif only I had known you then. We could have supported each other through the ennui and the tall, unfortunate hair we were clearly both experiencing."

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