Pregnant woman reverses off harbour wall in Ramsgate

Roshina Jowaheer

A pregnant woman was rescued by firefighters when she apparently drove backwards into a harbour in Ramsgate, Kent.

The dramatic rescue was captured by amateur photographer David Townsend, with a photo showing fire crews using a winch to secure the car and lifting the woman to safety.

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According to Kent Online, police, paramedics and a lifeboat were called after the accident at around 6.40pm on Friday.

The woman was found trapped in the car, wedged between the jetty and a pontoon.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service told the BBC that a crane would be used to lift the vehicle back on to the jetty.

The woman did not suffer any injuries.

Earlier this year, a Canadian driver following her car's sat nav ended up driving into a lake.

The 23-year-old woman, from Ontario, was driving in foggy conditions when she took a wrong turn and drove down a steep boat launch into Lake Huron.

Constable Katrina Rubinstein-Gilbert told the Canadian Press that driving conditions were troublesome, with rain and fog making visibility difficult.

"How the launch works, it's not an airborne thing," she explained. "It's not 'Dukes of Hazzard.' It kind of goes off the road and the launch just drops all of a sudden.

"So she would have been driving on the road, and then all of a sudden just dropped and hit water."