Ultra-violent road rage attack caught on camera

A shockingly violent incident of road rage was caught on CCTV, and the footage has now been shared online.

The brawl begins after two cars crash in a residential street. As a Volkswagen Golf moves out to turn right from a side road, a slowly approaching Range Rover slams into the side of it.

Immediately, the occupants of both cars jump out, armed with what appear to be baseball bats, metal poles and machetes. More men, with their faces covered, emerge from cars behind the Golf and a mass fight breaks out.

After less than a minute, the fight dissipates and the dozen-odd brawlers return to their vehicles.

Since being posted on Facebook yesterday by page Bradford BFD Boyz, the footage, which is thought to have been filmed in July, has been viewed more than 75,000 times.

Users suggest that it took place in Aston, Birmingham –however the exact location is unknown.

It's also not known if anyone was injured or whether the police were involved.

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