Reckless driver overtakes in Australian breakdown lane

A reckless driver showed an incredible disregard for his own safety, and that of other road users, when he decided to use the hard shoulder to overtake another car.

Footage of the shocking manoeuvre near Melbourne, Australia, was caught on the overtaken vehicle's dashcam and has since been shared to YouTube by its driver.
In the description, he mentions a manoeuvre he was attempting at the time, saying: "I was overtaking a white car and the boot of my car was level with their engine.

I looked into my rear vision mirror and saw a car come flying up behind me. "I planned to change lanes as soon as I was clear of the white car but that wasn't quick enough for the moron, who decided to overtake me in the breakdown lane while going about 120kms and then almost skidded on the dirt before undertaking across four lanes."

Despite almost losing control, the grey Honda saloon continues to drive erratically as it sped off into the distance following the incident on the evening of October 24.
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