Chinese city punishes full-beam motorists in an odd way

Police in the Chinese city of Shenzhen have come up with a novel way of punishing drivers who leave their full beams on at inappropriate times.

When motorists leave their full-beam headlights on in built-up areas it can dazzle oncoming vehicles, so police have decided to give the offending drivers a taste of their own medicine.
When officers spot a car with its full beams on, they pull it over and ask the driver to stare into their own headlights for 60 seconds. The idea is to make them realise what they're putting other drivers through.

They are also given a fine of 300 yuan (about £36).

This isn't the first time Shenzhen police have come up with a unique punishment. Last year the city made jaywalkers wear a hi-visibility jacket and help direct traffic.

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