Beached whale saved by locals in Chile

Rosie Vare
Beached whale rescued by locals in Chile
Beached whale rescued by locals in Chile

These locals from a village in Chile have worked together to saved a beached minke whale.

Fishermen and residents used a rope to move the stranded mammal back into the Pacific Ocean.

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One man said: "We were helping the whale, to give it new life since it got beached here, on the shore.

"All the ships in the area, the shellfish gatherers, we worked together to rescue it."

Officials say the whale suffered 'superficial wounds' as it was beached for a long time.

The animal is around 12-metres long and is thought to weigh eight tonnes.

Another man at the scene spoke to local news channels and said: "It was a bit of a struggle but we were able to do it, to hook her and get her out and, as you can see she is at sea now."