Is this the world's most unusual bridge?

Rosie Vare
Is this the world's most unusual bridge?
Is this the world's most unusual bridge?

Chinese culture has no shortage of symbols of good luck and fortune - so it's no wonder that NEXT Architects designed a red 'Lucky Knot Bridge'.

In the Chinese city of Changsha, over the Dragon King Harbour River, stands a 600ft long and 78ft high bridge that's setting a high standard for everyday infrastructure.

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The bridge is covered in the luckiest colour in China that also symbolises happiness - red.

Its unusual shape combines the principles behind Chinese knotting, a craft usually made with red rope and ancient decorative Chinese folk art.

The knot symbolises luck and prosperity.

Besides connecting the two banks of the river, it's expected to become a symbol of the city with recreational, ecological and tourist activities.

The bridge is an original design with unexpected cutouts, multiple levels offering different views of the city and at night an LED show brings the bridge to life.