Black Friday: we've been looking forward to it for months

Sarah Coles
man searching website internet...
man searching website internet...

A new study has revealed that Black Friday sales have become such a part of the British shopping diary that we have been putting off big purchases in the hope that we can get a stunning deal and a major discount on the day.

The research, by found that 49% of UK consumers have put off buying a big ticket item so they can see what's available on Black Friday. Some 27% have been waiting since August, while 19% have waited since July, and 20% have been putting off purchases since April.

On average, we are planning to spend around £421 in the sales - but hope to save £228, which would mean we score a 35% discount. In terms of what people are hoping to pick up, 71% of Black Friday shoppers have an electronic item such as a laptop, tablet, TV or phone on the list.

Top ten Black Friday purchases planned
Clothes 29%
Toys 18%
Beauty items 18%
Laptop 16%
Tablet 16%
TV 16%
New phone 15%
Kitchen equipment 12%
Game console 9%
Furniture 9%


We can only hope that while people have been putting their purchases off, they have also been doing their homework, to ensure that their Black Friday bargain is everything they hope for.

Months of waiting for a single day puts incredible pressure on people when they are out looking for bargains, so it's essential to have as much information as you can before you start, so you don't panic and make a mistake.

You need to decide exactly what you want. If, for example, you want a new TV, think about the features you need. What size are you looking for? Do you need it to be HD? Do you want a smart TV? Are there specific brands you prefer or any that receive poor online reviews?

Once you have answered these questions, you should be able to track down a handful of products that fit the bill. Next, hunt down the best possible price for each of these products.

That way, when you go into the Black Friday sales, you can target exactly the products you are interested in, and know the price you are willing to pay. It means you won't be distracted by the giant TV by the door that turns out to be too big to fit into the lounge, a poor performer in reviews, and not as great a bargain as you first thought.

You've waited such a long time to get a bargain, that it's worth going the extra mile to ensure it's worth waiting for.