Brrr! Freezing temperatures to hit by the weekend as winter sets in

Brrr! Freezing temperatures to hit by the weekend as winter sets in

The UK enjoyed an unseasonably warm Halloween - but the 'balmy' weather is set to change this week as winter temperatures move in.

The south of England enjoyed temperatures up to 18C on Monday, but the mercury is set to plunge and chilly weather will set in.

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Temperatures are set to drop by 10C by Sunday, when 8C day temperatures are predicted in London. On Friday night, the mercury will drop to 4C, and by Saturday night it will drop to 2C.

Temperatures for the rest of the week down south will hover around 10C.

Up north, it will be even chillier by the weekend, with Saturday and Sunday temperatures in Cumbria predicted as 6C and 5C respectively. In the evening on both nights, it will hit freezing with 0C predicted.

The Met Office confirms that it's time to get your winter woollies out and wrap up warm.

The Met Office forecast for 6 November to 15 November predicts "below average" temperatures. It reads: "It will remain generally cold and unsettled across the UK as we head into next week. Winds are expected to be predominantly from a northerly direction and occasionally strong, bringing rain and blustery showers to most, with some snow possible over higher ground in the north.

"There will be some brightness in places, but temperatures are likely to be below average, so feeling much colder for most compared to recent days.

"Further ahead in the period there is a large degree of uncertainty, but signals suggest mostly below average temperatures, perhaps with brief milder interludes. It will likely be mostly unsettled, with showers or bands of rain at times, and quite breezy in some places too, perhaps with gales."

Brrr! Freezing temperatures to hit by the weekend as winter sets in

And the chillier-than-usual weather looks likely to continue throughout the rest of November. The 16 November to 30 November forecast reads: "The forecast remains very uncertain for mid to late November. However, spells of windier and stormier weather look to be less frequent than would normally be expected for the time of the year.

"It looks more likely that we'll see a continuation of winds from a broadly northerly direction, particularly in mid November, bringing colder than usual temperatures, with potential for widespread frosts at times.

"It will likely be a mixed period of weather, with periods of unsettled, breezy weather, bringing rain or showers, and perhaps snow over higher ground in the north. This will likely be interspersed with periods of drier and more settled conditions with local mist and fog patches."

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