Meat Loaf brought to tears by being honoured at the Q Awards

Rock star Meat Loaf was brought to tears after being recognised for his contribution to music at the annual Q Awards.

The Bat Out Of Hell singer was handed the Hero Award at the ceremony in north London on Wednesday night before revealing he had battled emergency surgery four weeks ago.

He dedicated his award to every day heroes and called on people to "bring love back into this world".

And the rock stalwart, who reportedly collapsed on stage in Canada earlier this year, told the Press Association he was still "in pain" after the operation last month.

Meat meets with Andrew Polec at the awards.
Meat meets with Andrew Polec at the awards (Ian West/PA)

He said: "I'm just ready to sit down because four weeks ago I had spinal fusion.

"There was a cyst which was pinching nerves so I had emergency back surgery."

Collecting his Hero award at the Roundhouse after a montage of hits played out, Meat Loaf said: "You brought tears to my eyes - thank you very much," before adding "A hero, let's think about that word for second.

"I know we all have heroes but a hero is somebody who does something good for everybody every day.

"Whether it's to open a door for somebody, whether it's saying thank you or you're welcome, to help the less fortunate, to do whatever you can to bring love back into this world. Because we need it folks, we need it."

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