Premium Bonds: November Winners, and Ernie's 350th Millionaire

Sarah Coles
Premium bonds 60th birthday
Premium bonds 60th birthday

Premium Bonds are celebrating their 60th anniversary this week, but the question is whether you'll be celebrating along with them - as Ernie the random number generator has made its 350th Premium Bonds Millionaire.

The lucky winner is from Bristol: he bought his winning bond just over 20 years ago - in October 1996 with the number 64ST558712. He has the maximum £50,000 invested.

The 349th millionaire was a man from Norwich, the first time ever that the city has celebrated a Premium Bonds jackpot win. The man has £25,100 invested in Premium Bonds and bought the winning Bond (196XC935430) in September 2012.

In total ERNIE paid out over 2.1 million prizes of more than £66.7 million in value. This brings the grand total of prizes won since the first draw in July 1957 to 355 million and the value of those prizes to £17 billion.

High value winners

Prize Value Bond number Area Date purchased
£1,000,000 196XC935430 Norwich September 2012
£1,000,000 64ST558712 Bristol October 1996
£100,000 209BT382482 West Sussex July 2013
£100,000 196QY362195 Tyne and Wear August 2012
£100,000 73XC247749 South Gloucestershire March 2003
£50,000 48QF456615 North East Scotland February 1995
£50,000 140PB015876 Avon July 2008
£50,000 159NM557980 Suffolk September 2009
£50,000 279LW728226 Shropshire August 2016
£50,000 254GR423814 North Yorkshire August 2015

The full prize results will be available on tomorrow, where you can use the online prize checker. Alternatively, you can download the Premium Bonds prize checker app. The advantage of the app is the fact you can check instantly whether your Bonds have won a prize in the latest draw, a prize in the past six months, or any prizes older than 18 months that have yet to been claimed.