Man caught on CCTV stealing eight snakes

Sarah Coles

CCTV shows a man breaking into a Sydney pet shop through the front door, and grabbing what appears to be eight snakes, scooping them into a large bag. Among the snakes was an eight-foot python that was said to be the store's special pet snake.

It's a pretty unusual haul, but over the years we have come across some pretty impressively weird thefts. Here are eight of the most unexpected:

1. In April this year, five men were jailed for stealing £20,000 worth of biscuits from a Cumbrian factory. As the men were sentenced, one of them shouted "Would you like a biscuit?"

2. This summer, there was a spate of shop break-ins in southern Ontario, Canada. Each time, the thieves ignored the cash registers and stock and stole the mannequins instead. In total they took 11 of them.

3. In 2012, police in Jamaica were searching for thieves who stole hundreds of tons of sand from Coral Spring beach on the northern coast.

4. In the same year, thieves in the Czech Republic stole a 10-ton bridge near the town of Slavkov. The gang apparently arrived with forged paperwork and convinced locals they had been employed to demolish the bridge.

5. Again in 2012, three drunk British men stole a penguin from SeaWorld in Australia. They apparently discovered what they had done when they awoke to find him in their apartment. They tried to leave him in a lagoon, where he was found by a member of the public. He was returned to SeaWorld and the men faced a large fine.

6. In 2013, a Russian man stole an entire road. He lifted the 82 reinforced concrete slabs that made up the one-mile road, and loaded them onto trucks. It was only once the trucks were loaded that the police arrived.

7. In 2014, a middle aged woman was caught on CCTV stealing a grass lawn from outside a house in Skelmersdale. She even took a cigarette break half way through rolling the grass up and taking it away.