Everyone wants to pack up and move to Churchill after watching Arctic Live

For the next three nights, viewers are being transported to one of the coldest places on the planet as part of a new BBC documentary.

Gordon Buchanan, Kate Humble and Simon Reeve are all presenting Arctic Live - which, as the title suggests, is being streamed live from the region.

In the first episode we were introduced to the town of Churchill on Hudson Bay, home to four million people and right on the travel path of the Arctic's most prolific resident - the polar bear.

And people completely fell in love.

Located in the far north of Canada, it's known as the polar bear capital of the world and comes with its own polar bear police force to keep residents safe - but that just makes people want to visit more.

a tourist takes a picture of a polar bear (Screengrab/BBC)

It almost makes you want to deal with the subzero temperatures all year round. Almost.

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