Elderly man drives car in to pool of Coke to get rid of rust

An elderly man in Latvia has filmed himself filling a hole with Coca-Cola before driving an Audi into it to try to rid it of rust.

The bizarre stunt near Sheder cost more than £7,000, used 6,000 two-litre bottles of the fizzy drink and was funded by his relatives.
The 73-year-old began by digging a pit on his farm and lining it with plastic sheeting. He then spent two days filling it with Coke.

Before driving his car into the pit, he poured some baking soda in to see if there would be a chemical reaction but the results were disappointing. He then jumped in his old Audi 80 to drive it into the pit.

The idea was to try to cure the car's rust by submerging it in the Coke. However, any hopes of restoring the car to its former glory went out of the window when he carried too much speed off the ramp.

The car smashed into the far end of the pool, causing heavy damage to the front of the vehicle.

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