Dog walker adopts adorable 'lonely' cow 

Dog walker adopts 'lonely' cow 

A woman who fell in love with a 'lonely' cow while walking her dog has saved it from the slaughterhouse and has now set up a fundraising campaign to help with her costs.

Trisha Bokyo Jean Jeanie while walking her dog last summer in Long Eaton.

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She said she "fell in love" with the animal and went on to adopt her from the owner.

Trish moved her to another farm and is now fundraising to pay for a year's rent of Jean's new field.

According to the BBC, Jean registered herself as a keeper of livestock, contacted the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) and the British Cattle Movement Service and vaccinated Jean before the cow was transported to her new home in Draycott.

A JustGiving page has been set up with a £1,500 target. Trish explained her story on the campaign page, writing: "I have recently rescued Jean Jeanie. I met her in 2015 alone in an empty field. We soon became great friends and I began visiting her each day feeding her left over vegetables. I made her a page on f/b and people soon became interested and starting donating veg and a few pounds for hay. She also had hay donated which I took each day to feed her. I visited her everyday including over Xmas/New Year. It didn't take too long to fall in love with her sweet nature and beautiful face.

"Earlier this year her field went up for sale and Jeanie was moved to her owner's garden where she remained for about three months. Rumour had it she was due for market and I was absolutely distraught. To cut a long story short I approached her owner and after a couple of weeks consideration he said I could have her. Throughout all this time there was another couple who said they were happy to go halves with her upkeep. In the meantime I registered myself as a livestock keeper, got in touch with Cattle Movement, Defra, got a holding number, sourced her a new home, got her vaccinated ready to move and arranged transport. Phew! It was hard work.

"I rang the couple to give them a breakdown of costs spent so far and informed them of the rent on her new home. At this point they told me they could not afford it and would have to back out, leaving me with a cow and £30 a week rent to pay, all out of a 20hr a week job. As you can imagine I was absolutely devastated.

"I promised both myself and Jeanie that I would not let her down. I am not a quitter and I am doing all I can to raise the money to keep her in her new home. She has had a lonely existence the majority of the time I have known her and for the first time in a long time she finally has some company and is able to be what she deserves to be, a herd animal.

"My head is spinning and my heart is breaking in fear of her future."

A the time of writing, Trish had reached £1,244. Help her reach her goal at

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