Badly parked car moved by forklift truck

A poorly parked car was moved by a forklift truck in a street in Glasgow, after a company claimed it was limiting access to its business.

The Mitsubishi Outlander was parked in a legally marked space, but the company said the SUV was blocking a path to its building on Kilbirnie Street and moved the car one space down.
The video was posted on the website Scotland's Worst Drivers, and shows the Outlander being lifted and moved from the space in front of the shop to the next spot along the road.

A man can be heard in the footage saying: "It's going to fall off, it's going to fall off! That wheel is going to catch" as the car swings from the forklift.

The move was criticised by the AA and spokesman Jack Cousens told Scotland's Worst Drivers: "The business shouldn't have taken the law into their own hands and should've contacted the local authority.

"Lifting a vehicle in this way can cause major damage to the underside of the vehicle. Cars are designed to be lifted only by their jacking points and this clearly wasn't the case. Brake pipes, exhaust pipes and fuel lines could all have been damaged or broken."

It has not been confirmed whether any major damage was done to the vehicle.

Badly parked car moved by forklift truck in city street from SWD Media on Vimeo.

Written by Jack Healy

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