War hero Johnson Beharry is thinking about naming his second baby after the Queen

War hero Johnson Beharry VC's wife is expecting their second child and, if it is a girl, she may be named after the Queen.

He and his wife Mallissa revealed the news at the christening of their son, Ayden, 3, at the Queen's Chapel of the Savoy in central London - the church where the pair were married.

The Dancing On Ice 2011 star, 37, told Hello! Magazine that he liked the name Elizabeth because: "I have a special relationship with the Queen and it is a name that means a lot to me."

Could little Ayden be expecting baby sis Elizabeth?
Could little Ayden be expecting baby sis Elizabeth? (Hello!Magazine/PA)

He has met the monarch twice, including in 2005 when she presented him with the Victoria Cross (VC), and when he handed her a wreath during the Westminster Abbey Remembrance service in 2009.

The British army sergeant, from Grenada, was awarded the VC in 2005 for bravery on the battlefield in Iraq, making him the first living recipient of the military's highest honour in almost 40 years.

His actions in the field left him with serious injuries, resulting in the loss of part of his brain.

Speaking after the christening, he said: "It was the first time we had been back to the chapel since our wedding, when Mallissa was pregnant with Ayden.

"Now she is carrying our second child, so there was something extra special about it all."

But he said they do not yet know whether the baby, due in May, will be a boy or a girl.

Johnson carried the torch on Armed Forces day.
Johnson carried the torch on Armed Forces day (Rui Vieira/PA)

Johnson also spoke of how he still suffers pain and flashbacks, more than a decade on from the attacks he faced in Iraq.

He said: "There are trigger points, such as now, coming up to Remembrance Sunday, that is always a difficult time.

"Bonfire night is terrible, with fireworks going off. I lost my sense of smell when I was injured, but often I find myself gripped by this sensation that I'm being choked by smoke.

"I can actually feel it on my chest."

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