Here's how The Grand Tour spent its £160m budget

The Grand Tour's first episode is just over a couple of weeks away, and as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May ramp up publicity for the £160m show, we're getting some juicy information about what to expect.

Speaking to The Sun, Clarkson revealed loads of information about the series, which starts on November 18.
Before filming even began, picking a name was stressful, he says. "That took months. Every name in the world is taken," Clarkson said.

It got to the point where lawyers were even concerned that GT (Grand Tour) is TG (Top Gear) backwards, but they eventually settled on the name and the process of actually filming could get under way.

The car list reads exactly as you'd expect, with the most sought-after vehicles in the world performing for the cameras. They include the McLaren P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder, which will feature in the first episode.

There's also Clarkson's own SUV and Hammond's own doomsday car, so we won't be seeing the end to the trio's crazy car-making challenges.

They have filmed all over the world, including Morocco, Jordan and Portugal. At least one film will take place in the UK.

And finally, to justify that colossal £160m budget, Clarkson says: "Look at our previous audience around the world — 350million.

"If just one per cent of that previous audience thinks 'I want to watch those three' and spends £79 [on an Amazon Prime subscription]..." That equates to £276.5 million.
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