Space travel and home-ownership among Britons' top dreams and aspirations

Travelling around the world, embarking on a dream holiday and becoming a home owner are the most popular ambitions for Britons, a study has found.

But while one in six (15%) people have already achieved their dream, a third (33%) believe they will never do so.

Getting into shape was the fourth most popular goal for Britons, with early retirement, learning a new skill or language and changing career also in the top 10, the survey from Nationwide Personal Loans found.

Having a family came some way down the list of dreams, at number 11, while ranked at number 21 was the ambition to "become famous".

Space travel, competing in the Olympics, starting a business and having plastic surgery were also among the dreams featuring in the survey of more than 2,000 people.

The most common amount of cash people said they needed to achieve their ambitions was £10,000.

More than two-thirds (68%) of those surveyed said they would need to earn more money at work to achieve their aspirations.

And nearly half (48%) were pinning their hopes on a lottery win to tick long-held ambitions off their wish-lists.

Carl Burke, Nationwide Building Society's head of personal loans, said: "Our research suggests that Britain is an aspiring nation."

Here are Britons' top dreams and aspirations according to the survey, ranked in order of popularity:

1. Travel around the world

2. Visit dream holiday destination

3. Own your own house

4. Get in shape

5. See a landmark such as the Grand Canyon

6. Own a dream car

7. Retire early

8. Learn a new skill or language

9. Renovate your home

10. Career change

11. Have a family

12. Get married or engaged

13. Attend a specific event such as a major sporting event or music festival

14. Start a business

15. Reconnect with someone special such as a family member or friend

16. Get a degree

17. Space travel

18. Buy a gift for someone such as an engagement ring

19. Go skydiving

20. Climb a mountain

21. Become famous

22. Participate in a big sporting event, for example the Olympics or the London Marathon

23. Take a work sabbatical

24. Have plastic surgery