Poldark gets fans hot under the collar by asking for wife's 'understanding' over affair

Things haven't been going well for Cornwall's Ross Poldark recently.

BBC 1´s hit 19th-century drama began on Sunday night with the protagonist down on his luck in both business and love: profits dwindling to nothing in his mining company and a bitter dispute raging with wife Demelza over a recent affair.

Demelza battled with her own desire for love in tonight's episode (BBC)

Last week's episode sparked outrage when viewers complained to Ofcom and the BBC over a forceful love scene, that some described as a rape due to the lead character's insistence despite his old sweetheart Elizabeth's refusal to consent.

This week set itself against the backdrop of the aftermath: Demelza full of rage at her husband's adultery, and Elizabeth torn between the duty to her fiance George Warleggan and her old flame, Poldark.

Elizabeth contemplates her position after being unfaithful to fiance, George Warleggan (BBC)

Still bearing the nasty black eye from an impassioned slap by Demelza in the last episode, viewers were less than sympathetic to his dire financial woes - especially after expressing surprise at her lack of understanding over the affair.

That might not have been the wisest response.

Demelza responded by contemplating - and very nearly following through with - an affair of her own, only to back out at the last minute.

And with a change of fortune for the mining business, it might seem as if things are looking up for the calamitous Cornwallian after all.

Not so, it would seem. Enraged by his inaction since the affair, Elizabeth only went and married George Warleggan after all.

It's looking bleak indeed for Poldark down in the West Country. But one thing's certain - viewers just can't get enough.

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