The Fixer: dodgy text messages

Jess Bown

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Dear Fixer,

My 14-year-old son has started receiving text messages showing "sexy" topless women on his mobile phone. He has promised me that he has not requested these messages, which started to arrive last week.

I replied to one asking the company sending them to stop, but another one arrived the next day. What can I do to prevent this filth being sent to my son?

J Hawkins, Halifax

Dear Ms Hawkins,

Messages of this kind are generally premium-rate services, which means that each one your son receives may be charged to his mobile phone account.

That is not to say he requested the service. He may, for example, have included his phone number on an online gaming form without realising he was also signing up to receive glamour messages.

Consumer group Which? advises those hit by scams of this kind to reply to the message with a one-word message simply reading "stop".

You should also check your son's mobile phone account and report any charges relating to the messages - you may be able to get them refunded if you do this now.

If the messages continue to arrive after you have sent the company a message saying "stop", the mobile phone company may also be able to block them for you.

If not, the best way to prevent them is to find out who is sending them using the premium-rate regulator PhonePayPlus'#NumberChecker, and make a complaint.

If you still do not receive a satisfactory response from the company behind the messages, you can also complain to the regulator, either online or by calling 0300 30 300 20.

The Fixer

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