7 reasons why we can't wait for series 2 of Humans

It's here at last! Chilling robot drama Humans is gearing up for the start of its second season this weekends and we cannot wait.

Series 1 last year gripped the nation as it explored the possibility of building, and buying, human robots (Synths) - and what might happen when they make a bid or freedom...

But if you're still not sure whether to commit to the next instalment when it returns to screens on Sunday, here are a few reasons why you definitely should...

1. The American contingent is coming.

A Silicon Valley billionaire and an Artificial Intelligence expert join the plot to pioneer new technology - but whose motives can be trusted?

2. Fresh faces join the cast.

Marshall is already looking the part!
Marshall is already looking the part! (Todd Williamson/AP/PA)

Prison Break's Marshall Allman and Carrie-Anne Moss, of Jessica Jones and The Matrix, have been brought in to play aforementioned Americans.

3. New sides to key characters.

Series 1 star Gemma Chan, who plays a Synth called Mia owned by the Hawkins family, told Digital Spy: "Mia is, for the first time in her life, trying to find out who she is...She's been part of the Hawkins family against her will and this is the first time she's had to explore who she might be...it doesn't always work out well."

4. Something BIG is going to happen.

Gemma spills the beans on series 2.
Gemma spills the beans on series 2 (Yui Mok/PA)

Gemma revealed that the plot developments could have world-changing, adding: "The stakes are really high, they couldn't be higher. Something quite big happens in season 2..."

5. Season 3 is already in the pipeline.

"...and I have an idea about what they're going to have to do in season 3," she said. Mysterious, Gemma!

6. Someone is going to die.

She isn't saying who, but Gemma revealed: "I sort of heard what might happen at the end of it all. So yeah, I know who's going to die."

7. You could learn how to build your own robot...sort of.

As well as the intensifying plot and new tech ideas in the form of the fictional American company, Gemma will herself be investigating the possibility of building robot people in a documentary, How To Build A Human, airing on Channel 4 at 9pm, Saturday.

The first episode of Humans series 2 returns to Channel 4 at 9pm, Sunday, October 30.

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