Why you don't sleep well in hotels

Rosie Vare
Portrait of a young woman not being able to sleep
Portrait of a young woman not being able to sleep

The sheets may be Egyptian cotton but are you one of those people who just can't get a good night's sleep in a hotel?

According to The Sun, it has to do with the left side of your brain. It says staying awake in a new place is basically your body's way of trying to protect you in an unfamiliar setting.

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A book called 'The Doctor' breaks down the 'First Night Effect.' While the left side of your brain won't let you fall asleep, the author tells The Sun, "the advantage is that you are more likely to survive a threat."

According to The Sun, you can get over this horrible upset - and it even gives some tips.

It says taking a favorite pillow with you and staying on your normal schedule will help you sleep better in a hotel.

The Doctor's author also says to avoid the minibar and stay in similar hotels so they become familiar.

And if none of those tips work for you, think of the positive... staying awake will give you more time to sightsee...