Socialising with friends isn't good for intelligent people

A smart and clever nerd is flabbergasted by a new concept in learndom.

Whether a person is happier surrounded by friends or chilling out in their own company could be a sign of how intelligent they are.

A study from the British Psychological Society says that smart people actually have "lower life satisfaction with more frequent socialisation with friends."

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In other words, if you qualify for MENSA membership, hanging out with your tribe actually bums you out.

Over 15,000 people between the ages of 18 and 28 were studied to see how intelligence, friendships and geography impacted a person's level of happiness.

The research determined that those who live in densely populated urban areas were less likely to call themselves "happy."

Unlike their super smart counterparts, people with average IQs reported greater contentment when they got to spend time with close friends.

Basically, if you're smart, move to the country and avoid people at all costs, and if you're just a regular guy, head out to the suburbs, but spend all of your free time socialising...
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