Here's how to build a go-kart at home with only basic tools

Go-karting is brilliant fun, but they're expensive to buy and even a trip to your local track can cost a pretty penny. You could build your own, but that would require lots of expensive equipment, right?

Not necessarily. Wacky inventor and YouTube personality Colin Furze has recorded a how-to video on building a go-kart without any special tools. All you need are the basic things any DIY fan might have lying about already.
The engine, wheels and other assorted parts required to make the go-kart would cost about £600 new, but Furze says you can find them all cheaper on eBay if you're working to a tight budget.

The tools needed include a drill, an angle grinder and a collection of spanners as well as some even more basic stuff such as a hammer and a screwdriver.

Watch to the end of the video to get the chassis built and engine in place, then stay tuned for the next part, which will make it all work!

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