Latest Toyota Hilux still fails 'moose test'

The 2016 Toyota Hilux is at risk of tipping over during sharp changes of direction, a Swedish magazine has found.

Teknikens Varld is a well-respected car consumer magazine in the Scandinavian country, but it has become famous around the world for its 'moose test'. This involves driving a car in a straight line at 35mph, then performing a sharp change of direction as if avoiding a moose.
While moose in the road might be a uniquely Swedish problem, having to avoid an animal or object is relevant in all markets. The manoeuvre puts great strain on cars, and in some extreme cases they can topple over.

Vehicles with a higher centre of gravity, such as the Hilux, are at higher risk of toppling, but a car that's been set up properly should be able to cope.

Back in 2007, a Hilux nearly rolled during the test. Almost a decade later, and Toyota clearly hasn't learnt any lessons. Watch the video to see how the truck fared in its recent moose test...

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