How to turn love and money into a winning combination

Rosie Vare
How to make money and love work
How to make money and love work

Money issues are one of the top causes of divorce, but a new study by Ameriprise Financial says when it comes to money, opposites can attract.

Financial advisor Marcy Keckler has five winning strategies used by couples who report financial harmony.

1. The couple that banks together...

Combining your finances can be a handy way of controlling your spending and keeping to the rules you set for yourselves.

2. Empower policing

Agreeing on a spending limit and anything over that amount they would consult with their partner before they spend anything.

3. Check IOU before saying 'I do!'

For couples in a new relationship it can make sense to talk about your individual points of view and habits when it comes to spending.

4. It's never too late

If you didn't start out on the right footing financially you can always come back to it and reassess where you stand with your partner.

5. Seek counselling

Engage a financial advisor to help - that person can serve as a mediator or neutral third party to help facilitate conversations where their might be disagreements over money.