Four pedestrians hit by car in Russia

The moment four teenagers were hit by a car has been captured on dashcam.

The shocking incident happened in the town of Kogalym in central Russia. The youngsters were crossing a road but the Mazda didn't see them in time.
The hatchback hit the four men and launched them into the air. The video shows them crashing to the ground before gingerly picking themselves up. They all miraculously escaped with only minor injuries.

The driver can be seen getting out, but local reports say he fled the scene.

He was arrested after he returned to his car, and checks later discovered that he was banned from driving. However, he claimed he was not behind the wheel at the time of the crash.

The victims identified him though, and he was fined 30,000 roubles (£400) and banned from driving for another 18 months.

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