Apprentice shock as candidate leaves at START of new task

The latest episode of the Apprentice began with a shock - a candidate left the competition.

Wait, isn't that supposed to come at the end of the show?

Aleksandra King
Aleksandra is off (BBC)

It may only be week four, but Aleksandra King had already had enough, kicking off her team's pep talk at the beginning of the task by announcing she was off.

The 38-year-old business consultancy owner said: "You guys, I just have to say something. I'm going to leave the process... I'm really sorry, I'm just not enjoying it."

Well, we didn't see that coming.

Maybe Aleksandra should have planned her exit better, though...

She explained to camera after dropping the bombshell: "I've found the process overwhelming, stressful, really intense and I want to go home to my husband and kids now."

Perhaps she just didn't fancy this week's fashion retailing task.

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