Apprentice fans losing patience with bungling candidates

It seems Lord Sugar may have picked a cast of duds for this year's Apprentice, with viewers starting to lose patience with their chaotic approach.

Fans of the show have been complaining that the 2016 crop of candidates are particularly terrible as they watch them blunder their way through the tasks each week.

The Apprentice
Week four's losing team (BBC)

The series has only reached week four, but so far in one challenge both teams performed so badly that Lord Sugar refused to name a winner, in another a vital prototype product was misplaced shortly after the task began, and this week a candidate walked out of the process just minutes into the episode.

Viewers said an improvement in the standard of contestants is needed.

In fact, people are beginning to wonder if any of the candidates are worthy of Sugar's cash.

There are even calls from some viewers that the programme should be given a rest.

However, there's one saving grace this year.

Pull your socks up by next week, candidates!

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