Would you go on a mystery cruise?

Rosie Vare
Would you go on a mystery cruise?
Would you go on a mystery cruise?

How much do you like surprises? And do you love travelling?

If you like both these things you might be interested in taking the giant leap of faith that is a cruise to six different locations.

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The catch is that you won't know where any of the locations are, unless you really want to ruin the surprise.

It's called the 'Secret Sailaway Cruise' and it's being offered by Bolsover Cruise Club.

What we do know is that the holiday takes in six destinations over 16 nights including flights, layovers and cruise destinations and there will be five-star stopovers in some of the world's best hotels.

It doesn't come cheap though - the trip will cost you over £12,000.

The cruise is being introduced because Bolsover believes there isn't as much adventure in travel as there once was.

We should also mention that there are clues if you'd like to try and figure it out but where's the fun in that?