War hero's widow blames his death on fight for Heathrow home

Rosie Vare
War hero's widow blames Heathrow struggle for husband's death
War hero's widow blames Heathrow struggle for husband's death

The widow of a war hero blames her husband's death on the news that their home faced demolition to clear a path for the new Heathrow runway.

Armelle Thomas, 70, blames her husband Tommy's death on the arrival of a letter from Heathrow's chief executive telling them their property was in line for a compulsory purchase.

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Armelle told the Press Association: "Ninety minutes after the announcement of the Davies Commission we received a letter signed by John Holland-Kaye telling us we would be compulsory purchased."

She went on to explain how her husband was being cared for in Hillingdon Hospital at the time and that two weeks later they received news that he was dying.

Armelle added: "He didn't want to be in hospital, he wanted to die in his own home.

"I don't think the letter was the result - I know the letter was the result. My husband was frail, but he wasn't dying before the 1st of July.

"So this letter was the absolute cause of him just giving up."