Forget dogs, this man's best friend is a crocodile

 Forget dogs, this man's  best friend is a crocodile

Crocodiles are top predators and are known to have killer instincts.

But Chuy is an exception. This crocodile at a Mexican sanctuary enjoys human contact, and he's BFFs with his caretaker Juan.

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Juan said: "He's like a domesticated pet. You can touch him and interact with him."

It all started eight years ago when Chuy was found wounded and tied up in steel wires.

Jian explained: "We rescued him, treated him and cared for him with a special diet.

"He seems grateful and lets our visitors touch and pet him."

Juan continued: "Chuy is a harmless animal. We can't set him free with the others because he doesn't defend himself. We'd be sending him to his death."

He added: "We love and care for him and get the same love back."

Would you be up for a croco-cuddle? We think we'll stick with our pet pooch...

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