More workers concerned about job security, survey shows

Concerns about job security have increased, with one in three workers worried about being made redundant, research shows.

A survey of more than 900 workers by jobs site Glassdoor found that confidence was particularly low among younger people.

The study revealed that two out of five firms have cut or failed to pay a bonus over the past six months and around one in eight have reduced pay and health benefits.

Mark Di-Toro of Glassdoor said: "Since the EU referendum result, almost a third of the UK workforce have become concerned that they will be made redundant in the near future, a 5% jump from the first quarter of the year.

"Whilst we can't attribute this directly to Brexit, negative reports of recent economic indicators, such as inflation, will inevitably impact employee confidence.

"On the flip side, half of the 16-24 age group surveyed believed they could find another equivalent job within six months, if they were to be made redundant."

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