Born different: The little boy with a giant leg

Ruth Doherty
Born different: The little boy with a giant leg
Born different: The little boy with a giant leg

A rare genetic disorder has caused a child's leg to swell to four times its normal size.

Three-year-old Akshaj Khandelwal from Dwarka in Delhi has been diagnosed with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS), a rare condition that has caused excessive growth on the right side of his body.

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The three symptoms associated with the syndrome, which affects one or two in 100,000 people, are port wine stains, large varicose veins and hypertrophy (extra growth) of one limb.

Despite it causing him difficulty, the toddler has been told his condition is a gift from God and that he's lucky to have it. His parents don't want him to know the truth yet.

However, has he gets older, the condition has become more severe, interfering with his everyday life.

Akshaj's condition currently has no cure, and the doctors in New Delhi are struggling to treat his symptoms.

Dr Krishan Chugh explains: "What happens is the veins in his legs are not draining the blood back from the leg to the heart. Because of the veins being abnormal, the soft tissue and even the bone in that area are overgrown.

"All these things cause deformities in the child. For example, he's unable to walk or sit properly."

On top of this, his parents are also worried about the reactions of other people to his large leg.

Hi mum said: "Negativity can creep in very fast, but we still try to overcome it."