A Candy Crush pop-up store has appeared in a London train station

Candy Crush has crossed over into real life in the form of a pop-up store in a London station.

The Candy Crush store
There's a whole lot of colouring to do in the next three days (Peter Cary/PA)

Yes, addicts and devotees of King's mind-bendingly popular game should flock to Old Street station, where they can take a break from playing the game and instead turn their hands to colouring in.

Colourful colouring-in paraphernalia
So much candy to colour, so little time (Peter Cary/PA)

Yes, everything in there, from the walls to the tables, is there to be coloured in.

A sign reads:
You don't need to tempt us - we're already there... (Peter Cary/PA)

The Candy Crush team has coincided the opening of the store with the release of its new colouring book, promoting mindfulness in the hectic modern world.

Featuring intricate patterns from floor to ceiling, colouring desks, and every conceivable shade of candy available in pen form, even those unfamiliar with the game will find it hard not to join other revellers, cheerfully scribbling away at the wallpaper.

It's a soothing experience.

Die-hard enthusiasts will have to hurry though: the pop-up is open to the public daily from 7.30am until Friday (October 28), so there aren't many colouring days left until we'll all have to resort to the game alone to get our Candy Crush fix.

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