Five American haunted hotels you can sleep in

Rosie Vare
Haunted hotels you can sleep in
Haunted hotels you can sleep in

Halloween is on the way - so what better excuse do you need to book a night in a haunted hotel? Take a look at the list below and see if you'd be brave enough to spend the night in any of these.

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The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

This is the very spot that inspired Stephen King to write 'The Shining'.

Crescent Hotel and Spa, Arkansas

This 130 year old former hospital is deemed 'America's most haunted hotel'.

The Biltmore, Florida

This was a favourite of some high profile mobsters in the 1920s and apparently they haven't checked out yet, still lingering in the hotel's halls.

Logan Inn, Pennsylvania

The mother of the former owner can often be heard crying, with her soft lavender perfume lingering in the air.

Hotel Provincial, Louisiana

This is a former hospital for confederate soldiers in the Civil War, maybe a few of them still stalk the corridors...

Have you got nerves of steel? Let us know in the comments below which one you'd dare to stay in!