Driver gets out of ambulance to tell tailgater to back off

Dashcam footage has captured the moment an ambulance technician stopped to tell a tailgating motorist to back off.

In the video, traffic on the Aston Expressway near Birmingham has parted to allow the ambulance through. However, a Renault Megane Scenic is taking advantage of the gap and is following closely behind.
The ambulance slows to a stop and the driver gets out to tell the Renault's driver to stop following.

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail, ambulance technician Shane Jones, 21, said: "It was unbelievable behaviour.

"We had a poorly child in the ambulance who we were taking to hospital under blue lights.

"This person was following us for a total of about two miles. The traffic was very busy and by the time we got to the Aston Expressway it was at a standstill."

Jones said that when he asked the driver to stop following because he was concerned about causing a crash, the man refused.

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