Consumer Reports reveals 2016's most reliable carmakers

Consumer Reports' annual survey on vehicle reliability has revealed that Lexus and Toyota build the cars least likely to fail.

The list of 29 manufacturers is based on the US market, so there are a number of brands exclusive to the States. However, it gives a good indication of the quality of cars built by brands that sell in the UK.
The data on more than half a million cars was gathered from owners who subscribe to Consumer Reports. Each manufacturer was given a predicted reliability score between zero and 100, with 100 representing a perfect score.

Lexus was a long way ahead with 86, while Toyota came second with 78, keeping their positions from 2015. Audi dropped one place from third to fourth, while Kia rose one place to fifth. Buick was third.

A number of German manufacturers filled the mid-range, with BMW, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz all scoring between 57 and 44 out of 100.

Perhaps surprisingly, Volvo dropped seven places to 19th. The Swedish manufacturer is famous for building safe and practical cars, but it would appear owners have not found them to be particularly reliable.

Most shocking of all is Tesla's position in 25th out of 29, marking the first time the manufacturer had been included in the reliability survey.

Last year, Consumer Reports reviewed Tesla's Model S and gave it 103 out of 100, which was the first time a car had 'broken' its scoring system. Just twelve months later, quality issues on the newly released Model X have seen consumers' faith in the company nosedive.

Three of the four manufacturers that fared worse than Tesla are not sold in the UK. However, Fiat's score of just 17 out of 100 will be alarming for owners.
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