Being single is now being classed as being 'infertile '

young woman is sitting at cafe and waiting for someone
young woman is sitting at cafe and waiting for someone

Being single is now a classed as disability, according to new categories on reproduction guidelines decided by the World Health Organisation.

The change will give anyone the 'right to reproduce' by classifying them as infertile, even without medical issues.

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This will allow single men and women and gay couples the same medical priority as heterosexual couples who are medically infertile.

And, as you may have guessed, this didn't come without some controversy

"This absurd nonsense is not simply redefining infertility by completely sidelining the biological process and significance of natural intercourse between a man and a woman, says the director of Comment on Reproductive Ethics.

An author of the new standard says the decision was about creating medical equality: "The definition of infertility is now written in such a way tat it includes the rights of all individuals to have a family, ad that includes single men, single women, gay men, gay women," says Dr David Anderson from the WHO.