Barbie Mum spends over £200,000 on 'plastic perfection'

Rosie Vare
Barbie Mum spends $245,000 on plastic perfection
Barbie Mum spends $245,000 on plastic perfection

Amanda Love is on the quest to become the perfect Barbie and has spent more than £200,000 in the process.

While Amanda may spend a lot of time maintaining her look, she's also a full time, dedicated mum of four kids.

She takes her kids to school and spends time with her youngest at home while doing the washing and other household chores and she describes herself as a 'normal mum'.

Tegan, Amanda's 18-year-old daughter, said: "I think my mum is crazy, she's definitely crazy but she also the most loving person ever."

When she's not doing her motherly duties she's posting photos to her thousands of followers on Instagram.

Paul Sweeney, Amanda's husband, says that when he first met Amanda she'd had no plastic surgery at all.

He said: "She was just natural and she looked beautiful."

Despite already having had a number of surgeries, Amanda is planning further procedures and another breast augmentation in the future.

Although her family have some reservations, Amanda has vowed to continue with her excessive regime.