This 20-year-old is auctioning off her virginity

Rosie Vare
Woman auctioning off her virginity
Woman auctioning off her virginity

This 20-year-old is desperate to make money to rebuild her home so she's turning to sex.

After seeing an advert for the Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada, Katherine Stone went right to the owner Dennis Hof.

He said: "I originally didn't like it because I don't like people to do things when they're desperate."

"She's doing it for the right reasons, to help her parents."

Katherine's Washington home was destroyed by a fire and they needed to find a way to fix it.

Her parents didn't have insurance and had nowhere to live.

She said: "The whole time the only thing I could think about was that it's time for change and hopefully this would be a good thing."

So Katherine got on a plane to Reno to work and has been living at the Bunny Ranch for over a year now.

She said it was nerve wracking at first because she had no idea about brothels before arriving.

Katherine's virginity is being auctioned off and so far the highest bid has been for $400,000 (£327,000).

She's still waiting to accept an offer as she wants to choose someone she has a connection with.

While many have been quick to criticise, saying she should wait for love, she argues that it is - for the love of her family.

Speaking about her mother Katherine said: "She was actually very sad. But she was supportive though so it's good."