Shocking moment man tries to drive his car off the back of a truck

A motorist has been captured on camera trying to drive his car off the back of a truck.

The incident took place on a residential street in Ireland. The video begins with the man driving his Toyota Avensis backwards and forwards on a truck after it's been taken away by traffic wardens.

After a couple of attempts to break free, the man accelerates quickly in reverse in an attempt to get off the truck. However, the rear bumper becomes hooked on the ropes that lifted the car and it is left teetering off the back of the flat-bed.

Despite revving his engine the man realises the car is going nowhere, and his friends tell him to get out and push it off instead.

After a brief argument with the two traffic wardens in attendance, one tells him the police are coming. It's not clear whether the man faced any charges.

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